Ron Moshier Entertainment

Oom Poppa Mow Mow productions

Since the age of 8 years old music has always been my passion. I began my musical career with 8 years of accordion lessons and started my first band at the age of 13. My desire to perform for audiences quickly grew along with my repertoire and song catalog. I began touring at the age of 25 years old, opening for many amazing artists like Tammy Wynette, Chubby Checker, Eddie Rabbit, Pam Tillis, TG Shepard, Lacy J Dalton, Gene Watson and many other talented entertainers! I grew up in Big Lake, Minnesota surrounded by my loving family and friends and have since made Texas my home for more than 30 years. My love and passion continues to this day making audiences of all ages get up and dance like no body’s watching. Making people happy,  makes me happy and that’s what you’ll see at every performance. And that’s where the saying Hoiya! Hoiya! came from.

Simply put it means “Let’s Be Happy !”